【Lukian】Give yourself a NEW LOOK with Pinkicon![2013-03-18]


I know what you're thinking. It looks nothing like me! It looks like i jumped right out of a Japanese comic book or something haha!
With this new disguise i'm sure to not get followed around by paparazzi. Oh wait, i think with this look i'd get more attention? With this sweet strawberry blonde hair i will surely be turning hell loadsa heads in Hong Kong!

As you know i am not the kind of person to wear colour contacts, false lashes and un-natural hair colour on a daily basis. It just not my thing, "KILL ALL FAKERY!" But of course, time to time on special occasions i do like to have a bit of fun and fool around with my look for some fun and some laughs.
The funny thing is not too long ago i posted up a status saying how i wanted to change my hair colour but at the same time didn't want to destroy my natural black hair by hair dye. I guess this is a easy way to change my look now, thanks to the following steps of Pinkicon products 

Put the two magicmagic products together and you'll get the gorgeous japanese anime eyes! (with added eyeliner and mascara on bottom lashes) As you can see the green lenses look very bright but once put into the eyes, the colour becomes much more natural.

HANAKO Full Wig.

It's Sexy and it's loose curls will make you look like you've just stepped out of a Salon for a fab photoshoot! It's made from soft premium quality japanese kanekalon fibre that looks really realistic and natural. If this Strawberry Pink is a little WOW for you then you can always choose the Brown.

PROS: From far this wig colour looks pink but close up it's a more of a natural blonde with strawberry highlights. It's really pretty and super soft and easy to comb.

CONS: The fringe isn't so head friendly so you really got to style it to your liking. I have a small head so the fringe was just too long, therefore i decided to go the the anime girl look hehe! Then again you can always cut the fringe if your badass enough! xD I'm a coward.

So after putting everything together i took the first photo of this blog. But one other thing i realized, is that i looked a little bit familiar.....

Haha! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyway. if you wish to change your look now and then, you can consider these steps. :) Everyone needs to have fun afterall.
If you wish to purchase some of these products or get to know more information on their products feel free to visit PINKICON!

WEBSITE: http://en.pinkicon.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pinkicononlineshop
STORE LOCATION: 2/F YATA Department Store, Shatin, HONG KONG.
2/F, F42 shop, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok, HONG KONG.

PS. A little secret between you and me, SHHH!
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Sigh, extremely tired now and it's time for me to head out. OH WAIT! The wig can stay home today :P

Woops! Forgot to clean off the brow colouring. Oh well hehe. Whatchu know, this is what i'd look like with light brows and green eyes hehe.