【Fong Meilleure】Anything Girly [2013-01-23]

A few days ago, i receive a parcel from Pinkicon~

Pinkicon is an online store based in Hongkong which sells Korean colored contact lens with more than 300 different designs! They also have other products like Japanese fashion wigs, false eyelashes, cosmetic items and fashionable accessories from Japan, Korean and Taiwan~ And the best part? COMPLETELY FREE, FAST AND EFFICIENT WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! ♡

And this might sounds weird coming from someone who loves drawing bloody eye balls and dislocated body parts, but I love love love cute girly stuffs! So when I opened the parcel, I was so happy and excited~ *-* Everything's so pinkish and there are cutesy prints everywhere asdfghjkl.

 These are the items that i received, the parcel includes:

Wear and care information leaflets
Colored contacts in Circus Grey (with casing)
False eyelashes (Lovely Cat edition)
False eyelashes (Circus Circus edition)
 Eyelashes Adhesive (transparent)

All items are by the brand Magic Magic which is formulated in Japan and produced in Korea.

1.Wear and care information leaflets  

 Pretty much straight forward. These are leaflets which will inform you about how to use/take care of their products in uber cute illustrations! There are three different ones for lens, wigs and false eyelashes ^^ 

2. Colored contacts in Circus Grey


 I'm entirely reliance on lens because I'm shortsighted and wearing lens allows me to do things more swiftly than wearing specs. After a couple years of wearing them, I've realized that, the higher the water content of a pair of lenses is, the more comfortable they'll be! Magic Magic circus lens' water content is as high as 42 percent while other brands of colored lens usually provide only 38 percent water content. These are mad mad comfy, the first time i tried them on i was actually amazed because it feels like there's nothing in my eyes at all. *-* Definitely would repurchase just for the comfy factor, not even mentioning how gorgeous the design and colors is!

 This is how they look like in natural light, super sparkly and the color is really pretty!

3. Eyelashes Adhesive (transparent)

A huge headache that i have with falsies is that they never stay on for long. I always have to carry eyelash glue around when i go clubbing because the falsies tend to peel off in the middle of the night. I've tried so many brands of adhesive that promises to "last all night" but none of them ever work. I was a tiny bit skeptical when i tried it out, but to my surprise, THIS WORKS. I cannot emphasize how amazing this product is. It is so so strong but very easy to remove with proper make up remover. I put some on my hand and went to shower and and when i came out it was still there. That's how great it is. With this product, you can dance all night without have to worry about your lashes coming loose!

4.False eyelashes
Circus Circus edition (left). Lovely Cat edition (right)    

I have short stubby Asian lashes that are barely visible. Sometimes i look so manly because of them wtf. So it's no surprise that I'm a huge huge fan of falsies. I love how they instantly enlarge my eyes and emphasize my double eyelids without the fuzz of applying and reapplying coats of mascara. The effect of Circus Circus is quite dramatic, so it'd be more suitable for night scenes. Lovely Cat is more natural and casual, perfect for events like weddings and Chinese New Year where you wouldn't wanna go full on smokey eyes but still wanna be dressier than usual. ^-^

Circus Circus edition (left). Lovely Cat edition (right) 

So that's all the products! Be sure to visit Pinkicon for cute little items that will make your day!

Ending off with an outfit that i decided to pair with Lovely Cat falsies! Please stay tuned to my blog, hope i'll see you back here soon! :*