【Venus Angelic 】 Dolly Wigs, Circle Lenses and Lashes [2012-12-11]



So many of you guys ask me every day where I get my wigs, circle lenses, fake eyelashes, etc so I decided to show you in a video reviewing the products from pinkicon.com! I hope this review will help you to decide what you like, yay!




I chose this synthetic wig because I think it’s girly and the color is very nice.

All the things are prefect. Also, the pink package is so cute.





The contact lenses are comfortable and look natural on my eyes.

They are GEO Fire Cat & GEO Starmish




I find these are the most girlish and cutest eyelashes.

And, the eyelashes glue is best ever because it has a little brush which is very easy to use.