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1-day acuvue moist

experience a whole new level of hydration with the acuvue moist range of 1-day contacts by johnson & johnson. these lenses are specially designed to keep moisture in irritation out, with scientific formulations that guarantee a more comforwearing experience.

featuring an enduring cushion of moisture to one of the market’s most hydrating contact lenses, 1-day acuvue moist is imbued with a specialized wetting agent to ensure you barely even notice your contacts!

with zero maintenance or cleaning needed nor cases to keep track of, these daily disposables are the perfect solution for those who need a convenient affordable range of contact lenses.

unparalleled comfort top-tier protection

acuvue is a globally renowned brand, worn every day byless individuals who adore the hydration comfort their lenses provide. easy to both put in take out, once you try acuvue you’re sure to understwhy the world loves them so much.

how do they stay so comforinto the evening? lacreon. this enables your eyes to a moisture cushion similar to natural tears, which effectively reduces friction maintains moisture.

in addition to their exclusive lacreon technology that locks in moisture throughout the day, this range also boasts a good level of inbuilt uv protection. 1-day acuvue moist effectively guards against more than 70% of uva 95% of uvb rays, helping to keep your eyes shielded the majority of ultraviolet radiation.

do you have a question about our acuvue moist 1-day contact lens range? get in touch with the friendly team at pink icon today! we are available to assist you across a wide variety of platforms, email to phone calls numerous social media sites. simply get in touch via your preferred channel one of our representatives will be delighted to help with your query.