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freshlook colored contact lenses

want a subtle intensity boost for your eyes? how about a total transformation? try freshlook lenses! whether you want to dazzle a crowd for your next big event or get a more striking everyday aesthetic, these popular contacts prove an amazing choice for anyone who wants to hit the “refresh” button on their image.

even if you have perfect vision, freshlook’s color contacts live up to their name by allowing you to experience a fresh new look that’s still all you. with a choice of shades on offer through pink icon, you’ll have a brighter absolutely stunning gaze in a mere instant when you choose freshlook.

colorblends lenses

with their 3 in 1 color blending technology, freshlook colorblends give wearers a stunning color gradient with a more natural appearance than you may find in other lenses. the outer ring adds extra definition to the eye, the primary color transforms the iris’ shade the inner ring brightens adds depth all at the same time.

not only that, but you’ll also get all the benefits of wearing some of the most hydrating comforlenses around, with the colorblends range boasting a water content level of approximately 55%.

designed for all-day wear nightly removal, the freshlook range of 2-week colored contact lenses are able to be cleaned disinfected for safe wear the next day if you’re not changing into a fresh pair.

do you want more information on our freshlook range of colored contact lenses? feel free to reach out to the team here at pink icon. we are available to answer your queries across a wide range of channels including various social media profiles more.

simply visit this page choose your preferred method of contact, one of our friendly customer service representatives will be with you as soon as possible.