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revia contact lenses with revia, you can attain stunning eyes that people can’t help but fall in love with. browse a bespokeion of carefully designed colors hues that bring out the natural beauty of your eyes here – you just might fall in love too! add multidimensional nuance to your eyes that makes them appear naturally larger, brighter clearer with the revia contact lens range.

in addition to helping you look even more striking beautiful, revia contact lenses have a high moisture content with a soft construction that ensure your eyes stay comforfor longer. they’re also specially formulated to ensure the dye portion of the lens doesn’t come into contact with the cornea or eyelids at any point, as they have been developed with the utmost safety in mind.

you can feel completely confident in wearing your revia contact lenses all day long with their built-in moisture-locking technology. these are constructed with nonionic materials that are proven to prevent stains tears, which are the most common way contacts get dirty. on top of that, you’ll also enjoy uv protection to keep your eyes safe dangerous ultraviolet rays. win-win!

great products, quality service here at pinkicon, you can get all the most famous japanese korean brands of colored contact lenses on the market. now operating in the usa, you can enjoy revia contact lenses quicker than ever before. with a range of products here for your review, you’re sure to find the perfect pair at pinkicon. if you have any questions or queries about our products, shipping, delivery or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. we are active across a wide range of social media platforms, so reach out any way you choose, we’ll be happy to attend to your query as soon as possible.